This is a cutting-edge cross-shaped infant safety net. Your infant can bathe comfortably if the bathtub shower support is good. Your baby won’t slip, thanks to the anti-skid. Come and give our stuff a try; you won’t regret it!

  • Cotton, which is safe and breathable, is used to make the fabric. You can ensure that your child has a relaxing bath or shower.
    Wear-resistant adjustable bath cradle rings allow for improved length and breadth adjustments by bathtub dimensions.
  • Non-slip mesh material is cozy and soft, won’t irritate baby’s tender skin, and holds your child under safe bathing conditions.
  • A durable and high-quality product should have a fine edge and delicate craftsmanship without wool.
  • Baby can feel comfortable and avoid hitting their heads on the bathtub when taking a shower with the help of a sponge cushion.

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