Every feed should be prepared using clean, sanitized bottles since this is a crucial aspect of care for your baby. You can sanitize up to 6 bottles with the Momeasy Electric Steam Sterilizer in only 5 minutes, and the redesigned design allows it to accommodate more bottles at once.

Quick, hassle-free sterilization Anytime, day or night, we are prepared to give your infant something new.

Cleaning Power of Nature: Even after thorough washing, germs may remain in bottles, teats, breast pumps, and other attachments. Steam’s all-natural cleaning power penetrates these difficult-to-reach areas and sanitizes every surface, destroying 99.9% of them.

Reduce Bottle Preparation Time: This sterilizer is ideal for nighttime feedings since the contents keep fresh for 24 hours with the top shut. Before you sleep, please turn it on, and prepare bottles for feedings throughout the night or early morning.

The harmful bacterium is helpless.



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