This set of four patterned baby washcloths will make bath time more enjoyable. This set of 4 washcloths designed for babies comes from First Steps and is suited for young faces and hands. 4 washcloths in a compact bundle are delicate and gentle on a baby’s skin. For your convenience, it’s machine washable and appropriate for newborns from 0 months and above. When washing your infant, they are made of 100% polyester/cotton and are incredibly soft and pleasant. Maintain a clean, easy, and washable environment for your infant. They’re commonly used for infant washing, feeding, and burping while sleeping. Our splashy washcloths are absorbent and soothing for baby skin, and it’s just another opportunity to show that your little one is connected to the natural world.

  • Gentle Baby Newborn Children Bath Towels (Set of 4)
  • 100% high-quality washcloth for bathing and feeding
  • Material: polyester and cotton
  • Maintain a clean, convenient, and safe environment for your infant.
  • Allow the infant to maintain a clean and tidy environment in which they can feel at ease.
    Comfortable and soft
  • Bathing, eating, and sleeping burps are common uses for this product.
    Availability: 4 pcs (1 pack )

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