• Cute Design: Adorable baby caps that are soft, comfy, and elastic enough not to deform while worn and can be used again. Let youngsters love shampoo and bathing; there won’t be another heated shower argument.
    Thick design: The thickened shampoo cap gives the youngster a pleasant, comforting feeling. Sufficient elasticity, won’t deform after usage and may be used again.
  • Simple To Clean For Any Use: It does not absorb water; simple to clean by just washing it off with water. Never fret about often replacing your child’s bath visor because it is of poor quality or the wrong size. Additionally ideal for hair trimming, cutting, and style.
    Application: Shield your child’s eyes from water and shampoo. It is also fantastic for baby shampoo, shading, and haircuts; it is multi-purpose and ally practical.



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