Key Features

This Mild & Gentle Baby Oil is a pure mineral oil that moisturizes your baby’s skin. It also aids in the removal of cradle cap flakes. It’s also great for infant massage because it’s packed with Chamomile Oil to comfort. A moderate bonding massage can help your infant relax, relieve wind and constipation, and promote a pleasant good night’s sleep.

  • Product Name: Cussons Baby M&G Oil 200 ML
  • Brand Name: Cussons
  • Product Type: Baby & Child
  • Quality: Top Quality
  • Affordable Price
How To Use

Squeeze a tiny quantity into your palm, massage your palms together to warm them up, and then gently apply to your baby’s skin.

Gently caressing or massaging your infant can assist them to relax and have a better night’s sleep? for the two of you


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