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Why you need a nursing bra and what to look for while shopping for one

Why do you need nursing bras?

  1. You have Large, full, heavy breasts – Nursing bras can hold up the extra weight of your nursing breasts.
  2. You are leaking – Nursing pads are worn inside to soak excess leaking breast milk.
  3. Your nipples are sore – A nursing bra can hold breast shells in place to protect your sore nipples and help them heal.
  4. You plan to exercise  – it is essential to wear a supportive bra
  5. Breastfeeding bras have nursing clips, or snaps, allowing quick and unhindered access, making breastfeeding Easier
  6. Comfort – Nursing bras are made to be more comfortable than the regular bras
  7. They adjust to your body – Your breasts may change from one cup size  to another, and nursing bras are made of stretchable material which accommodates breast growth
  8. Empowering – A Good maternity bra will give you a boost of confidence and empowerment. I can’t imagine the embarrassment which comes with having your clothes soaked in breast milk at the office
  9. Some nursing bras are multipurpose  – Nursing bras have built-in bras and the added benefit of keeping your belly covered if you pull your shirt up to nurse

A Good bra must have

  • Four hooks and eye fastening for added comfort
  • Wide non-slip shoulder straps, broadsides and back, and a deep center at the front for extra support.
  • Cups that you can open and close with one hand for when you want to breastfeed
  • An opening that will provide plenty of room for your baby to feed comfortably
  • Soft cup  bras
  • Choose a bra made from cotton or other natural material. Natural materials are absorbent and allow airflow to your breasts.

What to avoid when getting Nursing bras

✔️Underwire bras – Wire causes compression on breast tissue responsible for milk production ( mammary glands), which can lead to swelling, discomfort, and mastitis during breastfeeding

✔️ Getting the wrong size. It should  fit properly and supportive and not tight, and it should not leave indentation or marks on your skin

Too tight bras will cause plugged milk ducts  or a decrease in milk production

✔️ Using Normal bras as nursing bras

✔️ Don’t buy nursing bras too early in your pregnancy, because your burst will get more significant when your baby is born

✔️ Bras made from  Synthetic material – synthetic material can irritate your breasts and trap moisture It’s advisable to have at least two bras to wear, one while the other one is on the wash.

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