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Nila Baby Shop was founded in 2018, and we have accomplished so much over the years. Our goal is to create a world where we provide the finest products at the lowest possible prices while providing an exceptional online shopping experience, home delivery, and prompt customer service. Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, and Kisumu are our four branches, with Nairobi serving as our headquarters. Our devoted team of experts at Nila Baby Shop works with more than 100 stores around the nation to obtain the essential accessories for you at the most competitive prices.


Our Mission is to provide our customers with the best new ideas for baby accessories like Newborn clothing, Maternity wear, Nursing wear, and products that encourage exploration. Nila Baby Shop focuses on soft linen, fuzzy fabric, and velvet textures at the best possible market price without compromising quality.


To be the business that, internationally, best comprehends and meets the product, service, and demands of Mothers and Kids. To create a pleasant workplace where employees are encouraged to develop and do their best job. Being a trustworthy, supportive spouse who goes above and beyond.


Nila Baby Shop offers accessories for kids aged 0-10 years, which stand out for their use of natural fibers and excellent value for money. All products are made to be comfortable and fun for kids to wear. Nila baby Shop operates with an internal team, including designers, and pattern makers, in cooperation with external designers ensuring a constant renewal of the product range. An experienced and well-established sourcing team provides the development of a vast assortment at highly competitive prices and high quality.


Nila Baby Shop works proactively to ensure quality. Laboratory tests and quality controls are carried out annually by suppliers and independent third-party test institutes to guarantee that the quality of products complies with the standards regarding in-house requirements and current legislation concerning production, materials, and procedures.


Our customers enjoy quality service, an inviting atmosphere, and an exceptional shopping experience in our stores. The stores have warm, welcoming surroundings guaranteeing mums and kids a relaxing visit. Shops featuring clean-cut designs, eco-sustainable materials, wood, and hemp painted with kids’ handprints combined with bold brights and low-intensity lighting. Different areas are designed to create a route for customers to discover the different age ranges.

Nila Baby Shop has always believed that it can and should positively influence the communities it serves. It is our goal that, working together, we will elevate our partners, consumers, suppliers, and neighbors to effect good change in the following areas:
Community building: We strive to be a friendly Third Party for everyone while supporting the communities we touch – from volunteering in our local neighborhoods to assisting new families.
Creating opportunities: We invest in routes to opportunity via education, training, and employment; we hire young people and work with them to help them construct their futures.


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