A flexible nursing cushion that raises your infant to breast height will help you get the ideal latch and assist in successful breastfeeding in any comfortable hold. You may select three heights to get the ideal breastfeeding angle and enhanced latching. Change the height as your child gets bigger to fit their frame. The pillow facilitates good breastfeeding in addition to more conventional settings, making it perfect for infants with acid reflux or Gerd. The Elevate may cross-cradle (on your lap) and in the football hold because of the pillow’s gentle curvature (at your side). The football hold is advised for mothers healing from C-sections because it relieves pressure from the incision site. Fold the cushion in half when breastfeeding is over and tie it with the vibrant ribbon for tidy, compact storage. Whether using the cross-cradle or football grips, it does raise the infant to breast level.




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