Pillow for Feeding, Type C Newborn Breastfeeding Pillows

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It’s pretty easy to use, especially for a mother with a C-Section. This pillow’s 100% cotton covering is gentle on the baby’s skin. Its rich fiber inner lining makes it very pleasant to use during breastfeeding and for the infant to sit on. The design of this cushion assures that:

  1. The mother will use it for nursing throughout her pregnancy and will not have back pain.
  2. The infant will learn to sit up with its help of it.
  3. As the infant becomes more robust, they can sit on the cushion for support.
  4. In sitting or sleeping postures, the pillow will provide neck support.
  5. The cushion is long-lasting and may be passed down to future generations of newborns.
  6. Because there is no strain between the mother and the infant, it promotes excellent communication.
  7. It’s easy to clean and of good quality.

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