Baby Co-sleeper / Movable Baby Crib / Foldable Side Baby Bed

KShs 20,000.00


The side sleeping crib was created to allow you and your baby to sleep close to one other without sharing a bed. The bedside crib is the perfect addition to any nursery because of its ease of attachment and construction and the detachable and washable liner. The side sleeping crib is designed with comfort in mind, with a cushioned mattress and a net window for improved air circulation. You can tilt the crib if your child becomes congested, allowing them to breathe more easily. For peaceful evenings during the early months, it may be linked to both mom and dad’s beds by lifting the folding drawer side. Designed to allow you to sleep adjacent to your infant without having to share the same bed,

  • Thanks to the supplied travel bag, you can take the crib everywhere you go.
  • It has a secure and straightforward fastening method for attaching the crib to the parent’s bed.
  • Beds with drawers are suitable for the crib because of their adjustable height.
  • Let’s have some restful sleep! Sleeping near you enhances the relationship between parent and kid, allowing the youngster to become more self-assured and gregarious.
  • 0 to 1 year



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